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About Reiki

Reiki is a beautiful hands-on healing technique that orginated in Japan, was brought to the West and has rapidly grown as a recognised therapy for some years now. 

It works on the principle that we are all energy, that we need energy to live and thrive and we receive that energy from lots of different sources; such as the sun, moon and plants. Energy is not generated - just transferred - and the Reiki practitioner has been "attuned" to the energy frequency for Universal Life Force energy -  REIKI -so it can be passed on to others for healing. 

Reiki energy goes to where it is needed most -  it heals the cause of the diease - not the symptom. So it has a consciousness; it fills in gaps in energy in our bodies and allows everything to flow again and be in balance. 

A typical Reiki session lasts for about an hour, does not need the recipient to remove clothing and can be given on a therapy table, or the floor, or seated - making it a very accessible therapy and available to all.  In the session one feels deep relaxation and a feeling of calm, whilst feeling heat from the therapist's hands while channelling the Reiki energy. 

In long term problems results can usually be seen after the first session, however for optimal results a block of 4 is recommended approximately a week apart - however this will be discussed at your first appointment and and a care-plan will be agreed depending upon your circumstances and intended outcome. 

Reiki training is also available by appointment.