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Indian Head Massage


 Indian head massage is given seated, and can be given with or without oils. It is excellent for headaches, tension, stress relief, hair conditioning. You can be fully clothed and a session usually lasts approximately 45 minutes.  

Crystal Therapy


 Crystal therapy is another form of vibrational therapy and again, works on the body’s natural energy system, the crystals are tailored to the individual’s particular needs and the therapy is given on a therapy bed, again you will be fully clothed.  

Sound Therapy


 Sound therapy lasts approximately one hour and consists of healing the body through sound – which is again a vibrational therapy. Tibetan bowls are used and tuning forks on acupressure points to promote wellbeing and harmony. Excellent for balancing, energising, boosting the body’s natural defence system, de-stressing and clearing the mind.  

Holistic Facials


 Using Neal’s Yard organic products enjoy a 45 minute holistic facial. Aids muscle and skin tone, products are chosen to match your requirements.  

Emotional Freedom Technique


 This “tapping” therapy works on the acupressure points and combined with positive affirmations and setting goals can be used to help relieve anxiety, unwanted habits, fears and phobias. A session can last from 30 – 60 minutes depending upon results.  

Chakra Balancing


 A 30 minute chakra balancing is performed using Reiki and crystal therapy. It works on the body’s seven chakra points and is given laid on a therapy bed fully clothed. Great for balancing, getting the body’s natural energies aligned and improving wellbeing.  .